The club’s first rowing outing

Posted September 8, 2012 by Hillingdon Rowing

We had our first meet on Saturday 4th August just as our national rowing squads were rounding off their very successful Olympic regatta at Eton Dorney.  Is this an omen for the prospects for our club?  Let’s hope so, and on the strength of interest shown so far it could well be.

We got the four out for a quick row which was a bonus.  The weather was kind too, until after everyone left and the three of us putting the equipment back on the trailer got caught in a series of downpours of epic proportions.  Still, it gave us a chance to sit in the car eating our sandwiches and to talk about how the club will progress over the next few weeks.

We’re in the silly season with most of us, including me, going off on holiday so it’s going to be a bit scrappy for the next couple of meets but please use this as an opportunity to come along to meet everyone, have a look around and see if this is a sport for you.

Over the next few weeks the club will settle down and will:

  • establish itself properly and affiliate to British Rowing, the sport’s governing body,
  • sort out different crews of everyone who wants to row based on experience.  On the interest shown so far we have an   adult novice crew, an experienced adult crew and juniors of mixed abilities.  This will mean you will be rowing consistently at a pace and level suitable for you.
  • from this we will be able to determine what equipment we will need to acquire.  We are sitting on an offer of another wooden coxed four which we will probably take up.  This will give the club 12 rowing seats at any one time.  We have enough blades (oars) and sculls for these boats.
  • we also have a ‘tub’ pair, which is a very wide, stable boat for two people which is ideal for those who have never rowed before to start off in.  It’s a beautiful old boat and looks positively Edwardian with curly wrought iron work on the coaching seat!  It’s currently upside down in my back garden awaiting sanding down, minor repair work and revarninshing.  The high level of interest everyone is showing in the club will at last give me the kick in the pants to get on and do it!  Of course, if there’s anyone interested in helping with this PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!!

From the enquiries we’ve received so far we’ve drawn up a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and these will be on this website shortly.

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