Batchworth Sea Scout May Fair (and Erg Results)

Posted May 16, 2016 by Hillingdon Rowing

Saturday 14th May saw this year’s first HRC stall at a summer fete, in this case the Batchworth Sea Scout May Fair held at The Bury in Rickmansworth. The event organiser was none other than Bernie Coleman, member of our senior women’s section and winner of a tankard in the mixed Masters C doubles at Lea Regatta on 24th April.

The nice sunny weather brought out the crowds and quite a few interested locals, both new to the sport and those who rowed before but ages ago, stopped to have a chat with Jon Neale, who manned the stall. The usual “Oo, I never knew there was a rowing club around here” conversation was had over and over again and quite a few people had a go on the Concept 2 ergo, kindly supplied by Matthias Koepp for the afternoon. Some even had a bash at a timed 200 metre sprint, with the following results:

Rob Payne – 37.2s
Owen Hughes – 40.6s
Paul Mander – 46.0s
Harriet – 46.4s
Aaron – 53.0s
Matt Coleman – 54.6s

The next such event HRC will be attending is the Denham Village Fayre on bank holiday Monday (30th May). This was a fantastic success last year and if the weather’s good it should be again this year so please pop along to see us if you’re not an HRC member, and have a go at the the 200m Erg Challenge! (if you are a member please put your name down to man the stall for at least an hour in the day).