Denham Fayre 2016 (including Erg Times)

Posted June 12, 2016 by Hillingdon Rowing

On Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May, Hillingdon RC had a stall in the Denham Village Fayre, following the success stall we had at last year’s event. The Fayre is a charter fair, dating from the 15th century and the whole village is closed to traffic for the day allowing the crowds to mingled freely around the various stalls. This year we had a working ergo and encouraged the fayre goers to have a try at a timed 200 metre row. Over 50 of them did! The best time was 33 seconds, an impressive time made even more so by the fact the guy did it whilst using only a quarter or so slide.

It was an excellent day, although rather windy which made putting the stall together somewhat trying, and we increased awareness of our club and the sport of rowing. Huge thanks to all HRC members who helped out, being Kathy, Tom, Rob Hale, Rob Young, Laura, Sanj and Jon.

And the results….

Quick key –
WJx Female Junior + Age
Jx Male Junior + Age

Name Time Class
Alice F 01:06.0 WJ9
Thea C 01:07.0 WJ9
Grace C 01:07.9 WJ9
Morgan 00:56.4 WJ15
Joanna S 00:52.4 WJ12
Lucy O 00:51.0 WJ11
Maisie C 00:57.4 WJ11
Kelly C 00:44.7 Senior – W
Laura B 00:44.8 Senior – W
Karen L 00:54.8 Senior – W
Tally G 00:55.0 Senior – W
Adam 00:33.5 Senior – M
Joe A 00:34.5 Senior – M
Alan M 00:34.7 Senior – M
Rob H 00:35.3 Senior – M
Jamie R 00:35.6 Senior – M
Hillingdon Rowing 00:36.5 Senior – M
Alex C 00:36.9 Senior – M
James C 00:37.2 Senior – M
Glenn T 00:37.6 Senior – M
Jamie G 00:38.0 Senior – M
Sam Liu 00:38.7 Senior – M
Roy L 00:39.0 Senior – M
Lee C 00:40.2 Senior – M
Mark W 00:40.3 Senior – M
Martin C 00:40.4 Senior – M
David T 00:41.0 Senior – M
George W 00:44.5 Senior – M
Ed P 00:46.0 Senior – M
Mark A 01:13.0 Senior – M
Jonnie 01:08.0 J9
Freddie 01:12.0 J9
Ollie F 01:21.8 J9
Jake P 01:48.0 J7
Jamie W 00:39.2 J15
Tom W 00:40.4 J15
Max A 00:43.2 J15
Ellis S 00:46.2 J15
Bradley C 00:46.4 J15
Miles C 01:37.4 J14
Tom S 00:51.9 J12
Harry B 01:00.0 J12
Freddy C 00:58.4 J11
Teddy F 01:07.0 J11
George S 01:24.0 J11
Tyler W 01:03.0 J10